JLP is John Loomis Photography LLC, provider of fine visual services crafted on location or in studio anywhere. John calls Washington, D.C. home but regularly travels on assignment. Loomis is best known for energetic, creative portraiture and his passion for story telling inspired from a background in photojournalism. In 2019 John founded a podcast, Eyeball, focused on his passions for photography and creativity. Before that, John was born in Miami, raised first on an alfalfa farm in rural Georgia then college football-obsessed, Spanish moss-draped north Florida before heading to college in the midwest. He takes his coffee black, his women Polish, his fries with mayo and his pictures without a tripod.

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Who: John Dixon Loomis

What: portraiture and reportage for commercial and editorial clients

Where: WDC (or anywhere)

Why: pretty simple: because I love it. I'm passionate about telling stories through the craft of photography and attempting to use pictures to help myself and others better understand and appreciate ourselves and the world around us. But maybe most important, I just like to work hard, have fun, meet and work with interesting people, and explore new places.

How: Quasi-yoga, at least it feels like it most days. We work hard, we work fast, we try to jam in as many ideas as possible, as much energy as possible. We listen to subjects and clients, solve problems, do our research, react to new opportunities and random good luck, and just keep pushing until the subject calls quits. Shock and awe, shake and bake, whatever works.

From: Tallahassee, FL

Status: taken, 2 kids

Born: 1979

Freelance since: 2002

Background: began by stringing for the daily newspaper freshman year of high school which led me to studying photojournalism (and English) at the University of Missouri. Multiple newspaper internships (Birmingham, Phoenix, Hartford, West Palm Beach) later I went freelance; my first big break involved photographing a lady and her marbles.

Gear: whatever tool works, works for me. But typically Hasselblad MF digital, Mamiya 6x7, Sony digital, Broncolor lighting.

Contributing: ESPN: the Magazine (RIP)

Digital? Motion? Film?: of course, yes and always.

Recent honors: American Photography 33, 32, 30, 29, 26; CommArts 2008

Interests: Yankees, gardening, indie rock, jumping off stuff, college football (University of Miami, sigh), manual typewriters & transmissions, hiking, bourbon/mezcal, Sherlock Holmes, public transportation, big trees, BBQ, pork in general, grilling stuff, scalloping, skeet shooting, impressing others with my (scant) wine knowledge, irony, urban planning, good Pho, architecture, Cezanne, typography, list making, podcasting

Collects: flasks, bitters, concert lithographs, radiological negatives

Favorite athlete: Bo Jackson

Golf handicap: 18+++

Preferred grilling technique: Reverse sear, hardwood charcoal

Dogs or cats: dogs

High school mascot: lion

Near death experiences (on assignment): 4

Broken bones (lifetime): 2

Desert island, top 5 movies (no order): Blues Brothers, Coming to America, Groundhog Day, Goldfinger, On The Town

Favorite movie to put on to bother his wife: Sahara

First vinyl purchase: Lionel Ritchie "Dancing on the Ceiling"

First tape purchase: Def Leopard "Hysteria"

First CD purchase: Red Hot Chili Peppers "Blood Sugar Sex Magik"

Fav. recent editing soundtrack (w/ headphones, full volume): Jamie XX "In Colour"

Death row meal: turkey club, duck fat fries, pints of Old Speckled Hen, 3 fingers Glenfarclas 21 neat

Starbucks order: 5-shot espresso over ice in Venti cup